Imagination Theater

We hope you’ve been enjoying and will continue to enjoy Aural LLC’s rebooting of Jim French’s Imagination Theater. They’ve brought back some fan favorites of Sherlock Holmes and Harry Nile.

We also would like to invite you to look forward to Imagination Theater’s new show Murder and the Murdocks about a mother-daughter team of Private Investigators. If you missed the first broadcast of the pilot episode Aural LLC has put it back on the schedule for next weekend. Our broadcast of Jim French’s Imagination Theater is on Sundays. Therefore you can hear the new show Murder and the Murdocks this coming Sunday, March 14, 2020 for episode one & the next Sunday, March 21, 2020 for the second episode (a two part episode entitled At First Spite).

Finally look for Harry Nile to return on March 27, 2020 in an episode entitled Always the Last to Know, which first aired on (on our station) April 5, 2020.