New Shows Premiering This Week

Join us for two new shows that we’ll be broadcasting over the next week. Starting this coming Tuesday, July 21, at 7 PM local Macomb (IL, USA) broadcaster Bill Schmalfeldt brings us the premier episode of Deep Brain Radio and then on Sunday, July 24, at Noon join us for the prerecorded show One Nostalgic Weekend hosted by Jonathan Rios, and originating from online radio station 920 WON The Apple, in Brooklyn, NYC.

"New Shows Premiering This Week"

McDonough County Voice January 19, 2018 Commentary

Commentary by Patrick Stout (Reprinted with Permission of the Author) Unpaid Workers staff WTND Radio As low power community radio WTND celebrated its 15th Anniversary Saturday, it became evident that a number of Macomb residents are serving the station as unpaid staff to free up donations to pay for music programming and monthly operational bills. Some volunteers include music show host Sam Parker, local interview host and community events recorder Mike Selders, and writer and…

"McDonough County Voice January 19, 2018 Commentary"